PlayStation Plus
Benefits of Subscribing PlayStation Plus

Are you interested in playing video games? If your answer is “Yes” then I have good news for you. The good news is Sony announced a great service called PlayStation Plus. PlayStation plus is a subscription service where the members of that service need to pay a certain amount of money to get benefited from that service. To get subscribed to this service for a year a member need to pay $50. Many people have some questions about PlayStation plus and its facilities. Many people think that it is not worth to subscribe. But reading this article you can judge whether this service is worth or not.

The most interesting facility is that members can get free games by subscribing the PlayStation plus service. Members can get free games every month. So you can experience the playing of video games without paying any money. You will get free PSP and PS3 games by subscribing this service. Not only this, you can get mini games as well as PS one classic games free by subscribing.

Another exciting feature of PlayStation plus is the free trial. In free trial, members can get trial of unreleased games free of cost for a limited period of time. You can complete the full-featured unreleased video games for free if you are good in playing video games.

High Discount is also a great feature of PlayStation Plus. Members of PlayStation plus will get some discounts and bonuses from PlayStation store. You can buy different latest games in a discount rate.

Members of PlayStation plus will get priority to access to demos and beta. So that you can know the content of the game before you purchase the game.

There are some other exclusive facilities like automatic downloads and update of system software, games. But to get this facility you need to activate it from the settings mode.

So what you think PlayStation is worth or just a waste of money.

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